Climate impact monitoring (MRV+)

Climate impact monitoring (MRV+)

As an associate senior advisor to Climate Focus, Bamshad Houshyani assists Climate Focus and their IT partner TACT L3C in development and implementation of MRV+, an advanced monitoring, reporting and verification tool.

During his employment with Climate Focus B.V. as a senior technical consultant (2007-2015), Bamshad Houshyani has initiated MRV+, an advanced Monitoring/Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) tool for monitoring both climate mitigations as well as sustainable development co-benefits.

MRV+ combines approved tools, guidelines and methodologies with modern data registering and processing technologies including smart phones, mobile/tablet applications, database programs and data cloud systems. The goal is to deliver faster, cheaper, more precise and transparent results with minimum risks and errors.

The very first pilot of MRV+ was funded by the German Development Bank, KfW and has been implemented successfully on a biogas-digester PoA in Indonesia (IDBP-BIRU). MRV+ was jointly presented with KfW and the German Ministry of Environment (BMU) at Carbon Expo 2014 in Cologne and COP20 in Lima. The newest version of MRV+, under development since January 2015, will comprise standardized MRV modules for biogas digesters under CDM and the Gold Standard schemes and will be implemented in several biogas PoAs in Africa, Asia and Latin America in 2015. Click on the logo below to learn more about MRV+.

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